Monday, November 21, 2016

Anatomically Correct Diagram of an Aspie's Stomach

Have you ever watched an Aspie like myself talk on and on about their special interest and think, "man, I'd like to dissect her brain. Not just for science but just for the hell of it."

I think about this a lot. I wonder if my visual cortex is bigger than my little brother's or if my amygdala is smaller than an average human's because I haven't felt human emotion since 1994.

There is scientific evidence proving that wiring of autistic brains are different. These little breakthroughs explain our sensory processing difficulties, language issues, and why our facial expressions look like we did something unspeakable to your cat.

Scientists too hung up on the autistic brain have failed to show interest in the bizarre fixation of Aspies unwilling to let their food touch each other, which is where I come in (as always).

Below is an anatomically correct diagram of an Aspie's stomach.

Forget diagram, this is an x-ray.

Next time your child, spouse, or friend with Asperger's refuses to let their carrots touch their peas, know that this behavior is strongly linked to our tummies being partitioned into separate compartments. It isn't our fault we prefer the world to be less chaotic, even inside our stomachs.

Especially inside our stomachs.

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